Piaget’s New Two Zodiac-themed Watches Are Shining

The transformation of the Chinese zodiac into a moving art treasure, whether it is a dragon, a monkey or a snake, has long been a unique way for Piaget to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Since 2012, the Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch dial will use the extremely sophisticated Grand Feu cloisonné process to draw the Chinese zodiac Rui beast that year, adding auspicious blessings to the Chinese New Year. In 2017, a heroic rooster will stand on top of the ultra-thin dial of the new Piaget Altiplano limited edition watch.

Piaget Altiplano zodiac-themed watch
Anita Porchet, a world-renowned master of enamel craftsmanship, infused his love of decorative arts in exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, drawing a lifelike image of a rooster with the creativity of a wildly wild Benz. As a symbol of self-confidence, punctuality, loyalty, and sincerity, the rooster has an iconic audacious appearance, and therefore needs the same extraordinary stage to show its outstanding qualities. This year, the Piaget Altiplano zodiac-themed watch reproduces the filigree enamel technique, and uses the rich gray shades unique to this series to interpret the aggressive rooster. She uses gold wire to separate the enamel glaze, and then repeatedly bakes it in a kiln at a high temperature of more than 800 ° C, showing a clear tonal structure from light to deep, giving the work a delicate look.
Relying on the ultimate artistic pursuit, the roosters created by Anita Porchet are full of vitality, realistic texture, delicate and exquisite, standing in the dial, and shining bright feathers. Corresponding to the rich gray, white and black tones of the whole body, the meat crown on the chicken head and the meat lobes under the jaw appear conspicuously bright red, symbolizing the extraordinary qualities of a rooster. Elegant and elegant hand-painted enamel, coupled with 78 round diamonds inlaid on a white gold case, reveal an incomparable charm.
Piaget Altiplano Chinese Year of the Rooster Filigree Enamel Watch-38mm is highly collectible, limited to 38 pieces in the world. It is like a melodious hymn for the excellence of the art, which perfectly interprets Piaget’s inheritance and persistence of extraordinary craftsmanship for many years.

Piaget Polo Tourbillon Watch: Zodiac Signifies Black Gold Craftsmanship
The production of Piaget Polo’s tourbillon watch requires absolute precision and meticulousness. The engraving craftsman does not directly engrav the pattern on the metal surface, but creates a number of empty slots that can be filled with black enamel according to the design pattern on the dial. After filling, Wipe off the excess material to complete the pattern creation. During the filling process, the enamel craftsman poured black glaze into the empty groove, and then repeatedly baked it in a large open flame above 800 ° C. Then the enamel surface was cleaned and flattened, and finally polished, showing a clear gloss. The most tried-and-tested skills in the sculpting process, the craftsmen must patiently enrich and enrich the details to achieve an outstanding delicate texture. In the process, the engraving craftsman must always be cautious, even the smallest mistake can cause irreversible damage to the precious enamel. Piaget has devoted the highest level of craftsmanship to this unique watch in the world, allowing each zodiac pattern to show perfection in the most detail.
Adhering to the tradition of paying tribute to Asian culture, and commemorating the tenth anniversary of the birth of the famous relative tourbillon movement, Piaget introduced a unique Chinese zodiac theme watch. This Piaget Polo tourbillon watch is made of white gold and black enamel. The dial is created by a master craftsman using a large open flame enamel process combined with fine hand carving to create a zodiac sign. With Piaget’s extraordinary watchmaking technology, from the dial to the back and the periphery of the case, it can be personalized according to customer needs.

The decorative design on the side of the case is also closely related to the Chinese zodiac theme. The 12 Chinese characters correspond to the black enamel zodiac pattern. The back is engraved with a symbol of longevity and is embellished with delicate enamel decoration. In appearance, this watch pays tribute to the 12 Chinese zodiac legends in an artistic way. The watch is equipped with a 608P relative tourbillon movement. Its tourbillon device rotates around the axis every minute and once per hour along the dial. The ultra-thin tourbillon frame double rotates, demonstrating ingenious watchmaking technology, and Pass on transformative high-end watchmaking concepts. The center dial displays the hours, while the seconds are displayed by a floating tourbillon frame at the end of the minute hand. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of this movement, the newly designed minute hand features a hollow arrow shape, which makes the exquisite dial decoration clear.
Exclusively sold exclusively by Piaget boutiques, these two limited edition watches celebrate this remarkable year of the zodiac in different ways. Piaget fully explored the profound connotation and rich characteristics of Asian culture, and also provided a vast space for exquisite craftsmen to express their talents.
Piaget Altiplano filigree enamel watch-38 mm technical parameters
Model: G0A41540
Case: 18K white gold set with 78 round diamonds (approx. 0.7 carat),
Dial: Inspired by the Chinese zodiac, the rooster motif is displayed in a bright fire enamel
Function: hour and minute display
Movement: Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement with a power reserve of about 43 hours
Strap: black alligator strap with white gold pin buckle
Exclusive sale at Piaget stores, limited to 38 pieces
Piaget Polo Tourbillon Chinese Zodiac Watch-45mm Technical Parameters
Model: G0A4120012
Case: 18K white gold, the case and dial are decorated with hand-engraved patterns and large fire-filled enamel design.
Function: hour and minute display
Movement: Piaget 608P manual winding relative to the tourbillon mechanical movement, with a power reserve of about 80 hours
Strap: black alligator strap with white gold folding clasp
Exclusive sale at Piaget stores, unique style