Revealing Ms. Zhen Shanmei’s Celebrity Temperament Women’s Watch Recommendation

Baume & Mercier’s headquarters began in the beginning of the last century in Geneva, Switzerland-the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry, which has bred countless top watchmaking experts. Each of Baume & Mercier’s products, whether it is a chronograph, a gem-set bracelet-shaped watch, or an elegant classic or a novel watch with a time-honored style, are all extraordinary, fully showing the different personalities of the wearer. Has a large number of loyal fans around the world.
  Baume & Mercier MOA10073 watch

  The watch’s round case with a diameter of 32mm is made of gold. The gold and silver luster flow together on the round case, which is like the gentle and beautiful beauty of a woman. The bezel with 12 time-mark numbers is a major feature of the Ling Ni series. Surrounded by a gold dial outer ring, the white mother-of-pearl dial shows us the pure beauty from nature. The case is simple but not simple, very suitable for temperamental women.
  Watch details reference: Baume & Mercier Hamilton series M0A10024 watch
  The case uses the classic rectangular design that Humberton is famous for. 40 * 27mm is a relatively large size among women’s watches. The black satin-polished black dial has a distinct sense of depth in two shades. Sword-shaped time hands and rivet-type Arabic scales also play a decorative role in the dial. With a black satin strap, it adds elegance and leisure to the watch.
  Watch details reference: Baume & Mercier MOA08771 watch
  The diameter of the 30mm table is moderate, and it can be worn by most women. The case and strap are all made of stainless steel. The metallic luster shows us the noble and noble atmosphere. On the round and smooth dial, the two sides are embellished with diamonds, which makes the watch more elegant and noble. Together with a stainless steel strap of the same color, the style of the watch remains harmonious.
  Reference for details of the models: Summary: The three exquisite women’s watches are invariably presenting the temperament and beauty of a knowledgeable woman. Elegant and streamlined design, exquisite design inspiration, and humanized husband-in-law design make these three women’s watches the perfect choice for many beautiful ladies.