Royce Brand Image Ambassador Adam Scott Wins Golf Masters Championship

Recently, Rolex brand image ambassador Adam Scott won the golf masters championship. Scott is one of Rolex’s image ambassadors. His victory not only reorganized the golf rankings, but also brought new joy to watch and golf lovers. Many high-end watch holders are passionate about golf, and many of the world’s top watch brands are keen to find top players as brand ambassadors.
Adam Scott wins the Masters
 The previous champion, Baba Watson, put on a green jacket for him, and Scott, who received the honor, wore a Rolex Deep-Diving Sea-Dweller watch. Golfer Adam Scott, 32, became the first Australian player to win the Masters. For him, it was a dramatic day. He fell in love with the 2009 American Masters champion, Argentine veteran Cabrera, and won the second extra hole.
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