Seiko Watch Golgo 13 Anime 44th Anniversary Watch Introduction

Seiko Watches On the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the classic comic book ‘Golgo 13’ (Skull 13), a special commemorative watch with the same name as the comic book is launched. This cartoon, created by popular cartoonist Takasaito in 1968, describes the story of the work of man and society in his early 20s, which is of great significance. The Seiko Golgo 13 commemorative watch uses a number of comic scenes and famous quotes to display at different times. The theme is very distinctive.

┬áIn addition, the Seiko Golgo 13 commemorative watch is equipped with solar charging and radio receiver, which can display the time in 32 different time zone cities. Its electronic display and metal strap design is stable and fun. The watch is available in two sizes. The small size is limited to 500 and the price is 57,750 yen. The large size is limited to 1,000 and the price is 63,000 yen. Keep an eye on Seiko’s official website in Japan for the first-hand launch news.