Seiko Watches Stage A ‘quiet Revolution’

Recently, SEIKO (SEIKO) latest high-end product SEIKO SPRING DRIVE watch officially debuted in Tianjin. SEIKO has been committed to making ‘durable, highly accurate and reliable watches.’ The SEIKO SPRING DRIVE series has been developed and researched for 28 years, and has produced more than 600 movement prototypes. This is a watch with a revolutionary and innovative power transmission system movement, a masterpiece of luxury watch manufacturing.
SEIKO SPRING DRIVE movement is a new movement that can only be produced by SEIKO Group at present. It is neither a complete traditional mechanical type nor an incomplete traditional quartz electronic type. The main difference from the traditional mechanical movement is that the SPRING DRIVE movement eliminates the ‘source of error’ escapement, and uses a ‘three-stage synchronous modulation speed controller’ that makes the sliding wheel rotate in the same direction to control the speed. Makes the watch timing more stable and accurate in nature, reaching an accuracy of ± 15 seconds / month, far surpassing the eligibility criteria of the Swiss Observatory, and solving an old problem that has troubled mechanical watches for 250 years The accurate operation of the watch provides a reliable guarantee. At the same time, due to the use of three-level synchronous control of the speed controller, the sliding wheel performs a one-way orbiting movement. The second hand of the SPRING DRIVE watch can continuously scan smoothly without any ‘tick’ pause. The SEIKO SPRING DRIVE watch borrows This became the only watch in the world that could truly reflect the peaceful flow of time, and it was a peaceful revolution in the manufacture of luxury watches.
Also on display at the same time is a 2007 new limited edition SPRING DRIVE chronograph, limited to 300 pieces worldwide, with 30 pieces in China, and 21 pieces have been sold since listing.