Starting The Journey Again Watch House Report 2014 Sihh Departure

In 2013, the year passed away from our fingers. For our watchmakers, the past year has been a tumultuous year. The three watch exhibitions in Geneva, Basel and Hong Kong each have their own characteristics. I am very excited to follow the reports of each exhibition. I feel that the last exhibition report was like yesterday. Many new watches have not been digested and interpreted. The new exhibition has begun. Today’s watch home The front report team embarked on the journey once again to cover the entire SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014.

  Due to its closeness to China’s most grand festival, the “Spring Festival”, the airport’s T3 terminal has been hung with red lanterns full of annual flavor. I hope that our watch industry will also have a good harvest next year.

We still chose the familiar Swiss Airlines flight, departing from gate E14 until Zurich and then connecting to Geneva. The whole journey takes about 14 hours. It leaves at 3:30 in the morning, Beijing time. It is now 12 in the morning, Beijing time. We just finished a simple visit to the hotel to do a live broadcast for everyone.
  Both Zurich and Geneva airports are relatively small, and even transfers are not very time consuming.

As soon as I saw the plane, I saw a variety of watch brand advertisements. Every time I came to Switzerland, I had to admire that this is the world of watches and clocks, so that there are many unknown brands, but I believe everyone in the picture above is familiar .

  Vending machines inside the airport. Here you see the super expensive Evian mineral water sold in China. Evian is also cheaper in Switzerland. There are many types of vending machine foods, including sandwiches and apples.

Swiss Airliner.

  If I have to rank Swiss specialties, I personally think that it is: watches, sabers, chocolates, kettles, etc. Each of the small desserts on our plane is a small piece of chocolate, which tastes good.

  As soon as I saw an expensive Rolls-Royce at the airport, European brands were generally seen on the streets of Switzerland. Japanese products were often seen but not mainstream.

  After checking in at the hotel, we rushed to the exhibition hall non-stop. Since Richemont Group will continue to hold a table show in Hong Kong for the next two years, the number of media invitations to report visits to Switzerland this time has been much reduced compared to before. Because we belong to process the door card in advance very quickly, because there are relatively few people.

  On the way to the exhibition hall, we walked through a swath of Swiss houses. The cities that had not experienced war looked so quiet and peaceful together. The cozy living environment was really enviable. Because this article is mostly shot with a mobile phone while traveling The picture quality is inevitably uneven, so for more details about the 2014 SIHH report, please continue to pay attention to other articles in our Watch House.
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