Summer Watch Maintenance Selection Guide

In the hot summer, the leather strap on the wrist is not breathable and easily covers sweat, which may cause irreversible damage to the watch. Some people choose not to bring the watch. However, the watch is now the lowest-key ‘ Concave ‘style fashionable accessories, as long as we pay attention to some maintenance methods when choosing a watch, we can still make our life in the summer become stylish and comfortable. The following are some common maintenance troubles commonly encountered in summer with a watch:
Summer mechanical watch maintenance
Mechanical watch movements will rust in humid air or by corrosive gases. If the watch is eroded by sweat for a long time or allowed to accumulate without being wiped off, the watch will slowly show rust spots, especially Low recesses in the back cover are easy to appear. Especially in the rainy summer, it is most likely to cause rust and damage of repair parts.
1. According to the size and needs of the repair unit, the silica gel dryer should be equipped with one or several thousand dryers to store the mechanical watch movement to prevent the movement parts from rusting after being wet.
2. Quickly remove rust to remove rust. After 775 ml of the above solution is mixed in proportion, the mechanical watch movement parts can be put into it to quickly remove rust. The specific immersion time depends on the degree of rust of the part.
Conservation of new summer watch
钨 Tungsten carbide carbide, high-tech ceramics, sapphire glass and other materials are characterized by high hardness and high wear resistance. Watches made of this material can still be as clean as new after long-term wear. However, outdoor activities are often performed in summer and summer. If accidentally collided, scratches on the appearance surface will occur.
1. You should take off your watch before playing sports in summer. The flexural strength and impact toughness of these high hardness materials are not as good as stainless steel. Try to avoid knocking, bumping or falling on hard ground.
2. Usually use a toothbrush to dip a little salad and gently brush the watch to remove the stains.
Summer strap maintenance
The most troublesome time to wear a watch in summer is the strap. The belt, steel strap, and rubber strap each have their own advantages and disadvantages. What you have to do is targeted maintenance, and watch the watch expert Mr. Conway Kai said, ‘Should wear as few wrist straps as possible in summer Watches, because the belt will stick to the wrist after sweating, which makes the wearer uncomfortable, and the sweat stains on the belt are extremely difficult to clean. Long-term wearing will not only produce odors, but also deform, harden or even break the watch. Steel watch band Sweat is easy to slip. If your watch is water resistant to more than 50 meters, you can wash the sweat under the tap under the tap. For rubber bands, not afraid of water but oil, the material will gradually harden, Fracture, and it is an irreversible process. ‘
Summer Watch Selection Guide
In the summer, your first choice is an ultra-thin watch. There will not be too much burden on your wrist. If you add a little diamond, it will be more shiny.
Piaget Altipano 34mm rose gold diamond watch
Whether it is round or square, every watch in the ‘Plateau’ series is still so thin and exquisite because of its unparalleled ultra-thin movement. In 2011, Piaget’s latest two watches with calibre 1208P movement injected new life into the ‘Highland’ series.
Dior new Lady D de Dior
Dior’s new Lady D de Dior watch has caught the eye with fresh and beautiful colors.
Choose a white watch in summer to make you look refreshing, and white is suitable for any fashion.
Aunt Chanel J12 GMT White Ceramic Watch
White high-tech precision ceramics. Mechanical self-winding movement. 42-hour power reserve. Functions: hour, minute, second, date and GMT ** second time zone time display. 24-hour second time zone time display. Rhodium-plated numerals and hands. Screw-down crown, water-resistant to 50 meters. Triple folding stainless steel buckle. Diameter: 38 mm.
Breitling Bentley GT Racing Ice Automatic Weekly Calendar Chronograph
The burly Breitling Bentley automatic timekeeping series, saying that they are athletic athletes, no one will be half doubted, but it seems that they are not in touch with Sven elegant. Looking at this almost pure white work GT Racing Ice, I found that big guys can also be gentle. The contrast of black scale on white background makes reading more clear. The three small dials 6, 9, and 12 are inlaid with metal wire frames, and the dials are more embossed. In addition to white boys, they should also be suitable for outgoing girls.

Try the blue model in summer, this is the most popular color this year, almost every brand has launched one. Louis Vuitton launches the Time Scroll series
It has a charming blue sapphire dial, which not only highlights the nautical features, but also provides a glimpse into the beauty of the movement. Once entering the countdown phase of the game, the push button at 8 o’clock on the bezel, the small pane at 12 o’clock, the hands of the 30-minute chronograph dial, and the five square scales on the right of the dial will all respond accordingly. Prompt the passage of time.
Athens new Blue Sea limited edition watch
Athens watch’s new Blue Sea watch is suitable for water sports and designed for extreme situations. Blue Sea is both a diving tool and an exquisite timepiece. The two functions are perfectly combined. It is equipped with an automatic movement, equipped with a 42-hour power reserve display, an oversized second hand and a large date window.
选择 Choose a water-resistant watch in summer, remember that only water-resistant watches above 100 meters can be used on the surface of swimming pools or sea water.
Panerai Bronze Automatic Dive Watch
PAM382 stands for Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 days Automatic Bronzo. This new diving watch is derived from Panerai’s model for the Egyptian Navy commando more than half a century ago. It is made of bronze and has excellent seawater resistance. And atmospheric corrosion capability, equipped with a P9000 automatic winding movement, small seconds at 9 o’clock, a calendar window at 3 o’clock, a shock frequency of 28800vph, and a power reserve of 36h. But this solemn and bold shape alone is enough to attract the attention. Dapei fans, would you like to challenge your wrist?
Amami Perfect Helium Summer Diver Watch
The new helmsman series is equipped with the ETA 7750 multi-function movement, a diameter of 44 mm, a thickness of 14.5 mm, and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters. The sapphire mirror-wrapped dial with Geneva ripple fully reflects the essence of streamlined design. The orange luminous treatment guarantees optimal readability of the dial even at night. The fusion of orange and black in the details makes the watch visually delicate and moving.