Tao Li Fenfang Passed By The Fire, Alfred Heavig Watch School New Apprentice Admission

On August 19, 2013, the Alfred Hewege Watch School under the Glashütte Original Watch Factory in Germany welcomed 28 new apprentices. Of these 28 apprentices, 24 will learn professional watchmaking skills and 4 will learn the knowledge necessary for tool making. Compared with previous years, the number of admissions has nearly doubled. This is the Saxon watchmaker’s response to the growing demand for high-end watches worldwide.

 Günter Wiegand, the original general manager of Glashütte, introduced the new apprentice Gunnar Müller and his team of teachers. The new student class is the 13th in the watchmaking school since it opened in Glashütte in 2001.

 In the first few years of operation, the college recruited 12 watchmaker apprentices each year. This year, Glashütte Original doubled the enrollment of watchmaker apprentices to 24. The number of recruits for junior toolmakers has also increased from three to four.

 With the increase of the school’s enrollment quota, the enrollment scope has gradually expanded to all parts of Germany. This year’s future watchmakers and toolmakers include young people from Hamburg, Rhineland and Baden-Württemberg.

 Alfred Hevig Watchmaking School uses advanced equipment to train apprentices to acquire the superb skills necessary to become a professional watchmaker or toolmaker. In addition to the compulsory theoretical courses, a variety of professional practice courses during the three-year or three-and-a-half-year training period allow apprentices to gain a deeper understanding of the assembly and maintenance areas of the original glassmaking factory in Grasso. While teaching modern watchmaking techniques and traditional watchmaking techniques, they can use them more effectively.

 Alfred Hevig Watch School also emphasizes adherence to international training standards and cooperates with the Swiss watchmaker training and education institution (WOSTEP). Through this cooperation, watchmaker apprentices will also receive the “German Skilled Worker Qualification Certificate”, that is, the WOSTEP diploma, after passing the final examination of the Alfred Hevig Watch School.

 At the opening ceremony, the general manager Günter Wiegand promised the freshmen that if the apprentices graduate with a total score higher than 2.0 (equivalent to the B in the United States and the United Kingdom), they will receive a valuable full-time employment today in Germany Opportunity-Guaranteed employment at Glashütte Original Watchmaking or any Swatch Group company.