The 50th Anniversary Tournament Of Radar Watches Is Not Easy To Wear, Chongqing Station Unveiled

The 50th Anniversary Touring Exhibition of RADO Swiss Radar Hard-wearing Watch Chongqing Jiefangbei Station was recently unveiled. The design of RADO Swiss radar watch shows continuous breakthrough and innovation in high-tech materials and technology. In 1962, Radar launched the world’s first hard-wearing watch made of tungsten and titanium, the DiaStar diamond star series. Since then, Swiss Radar has pioneered the high-tech materials and innovative design of watches.

   In the 50 years from 2012, Swiss radars created countless firsts, including the world’s first high-tech ceramic watch, and established its leading position in the watch market. In 2012, the Swiss radar came to the Jiefangbei Square in Chongqing. Through lively exhibitions at the event and a number of precious historical models transported by air from the Swiss headquarters, the Swiss radar continued its 50-year dream, creation and breakthrough. , Active in front of you.