When Rolex Rubs Sparks With Rubber

I always prefer rubber straps, like Hublot’s BigBang series, various omega seamasters, Blancpain’s scuba, etc. Considering the comfort and functionality of watch straps, I wonder if Rolex’s rubber straps are fragile? Until I tried the rubber strap of the Rolex Explorer II watch, I must say that the result surprised me. The material and toughness of the strap are super good.

  After replacing the rubber strap, this watch looks more sporty. The buckle of this watch is very good with its strap. This black strap slowly shrinks from 21 mm to 16 mm. So much so that it fits the clasp it wears, and I had to get used to the shape of its tapered strap.

The stainless steel of this watch makes it stronger than previous models, and it also meets its own definition-dedicated to adventure. The mirror is made of sapphire crystal, which is more wear-resistant. I personally like the blister-shaped calendar display window on the dial. With the luminous hands on the dial and the orange 12-hour independent hands, it is perfect for me!

To sum up: This watch has been worn for about 3 days. It gives me the same feeling as ever. There is no diminution or dissatisfaction with it. The flexibility of its rubber strap is also unexpectedly fit the wrist. The watch is more comfortable to wear. Another advantage of it is that it can display in the radar coverage area without interference from the magnetic field. Based on the new characteristics of this watch, I estimate that it will be slower for some time. Slowly adapt to it, and the process in between is exactly what I enjoy! (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)